Jody Connor

Jody knows what gets you out of bed in the morning - you've got the great ideas, the vision, and the drive that is sure to put your business on the map. But nobody can do everything. When you're ready for the next steps, she's here to help.

Jody will build an 'office' for you. Need insurance? Not sure how to pay everyone? Need a policy on travel and expenses? She can work with you to identify what you need to make sure your business is thriving on a solid basis of sensible and responsible administration.

Jody can also work with you on an ongoing basis, to maintain professional levels of administrative support, allowing you to get back to what you do best. She is proficient with the MS Office suite, and a wide range of online platforms. 

Jody is also a ruthlessly accurate proofreader, and wordsmith. She can spot an extra space or a misused apostrophe at 20 paces.

Jody has also worked with project teams and divisions of government departments in a wide range of administrative roles.

Through Pocketknife, Jody seeks to bring tailored, experienced, sensible, and caring operational structure and administrative support to her clients.

Jody is based in Wellington, and is available for contracts in Wellington city, or nationally depending on requirements.